Welcome to my new blog.

In this blog I aim to follow the language development of my son as he struggles to learn English and Portuguese and who knows what else.

I will try to post regular updates on how he is doing.  I will also try to not make it too gooey and attempt at some level of objectivity.

I am from the UK and have been an English teacher for about 15 years.  English is obviously my first language, but I can also get by in Portuguese.  I understand almost everything in a sort of standard Brazilian Portuguese speech, and I can read quite effectively.  My speaking is at a lower level, particularly when it comes to grammar.

My wife is Brazilian who speaks Portuguese as her first language, is pretty much fluent in English and Spanish (although she tells me her Sanish has been getting rusty recently through lack of use) and used to study French.

Our son is now 16 months old and is just starting to utter his first words.  I am (mostly) looking forward to the journey we have embraked upon and seeing how he gets on in becoming a bilingual citizen of the world.


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