Back in Brazil

The three weeks that we spent in the UK coincided with my son starting to experiment a lot more with sounds and language.  It has been a pleasure to see him take certain sounnds a play with thim, repeating them again and again as if he is trying them out to see if he likes them or not.

Upon returning to Brazil he has stopped calling me ‘papai’ and has continued to use ‘daddy’.  He sometimes uses the Portuguese ‘mamãe’ and sometimes the English ‘mommy’.  His mother is trying to encourage him to only use the Portuguese version.  He has also started to use an approximation of  ‘vo vó’ (granny) although the /v/ sounds more like a /b/.  I assume that the /v/ is a more difficult sound as it requires friction between the lower lip and the upper teeth and this demands more control over the lips.  A /b/ sound must be much easier to produce.

As with his father, he doesn’t yet seem to notice the difference in pronunciation between vo vó and vo võ (granddad), although he hasn’t had that much practice as of yet.


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