Cartoon names

Along with the small but developing vocabulary for family names our son also seems to be most interested in cartoon characters’ names.  His favourite character, despite my best efforts to keep him away from it, is Galinha Pintadinha (Painted Chicken).  This is quite a phenomenon among pre-school kids here in Brazil with lots of different short videos that use mainly traditional songs and nursery rhymes with modern animation.  I can’t stand it, but every child under the age of three seems to love it.  My son’s name for it is Po Po which is the sound that a chicken makes according to Brazilians.

As an attempt to keep him away from Galinha Pintadinha I introduced him to Sesame Street.  I bought a couple of books, showed him the occasional video and the nappies that he wears have Big Bird, Bert and Elmo on them.  He seems to be a big fan of Elmo and can say his name when he sees him on the the nappies or in his books.

He also kows about Winnie the Pooh from a couple of books that we have and some lego he got for his first birthday which has Pooh, Tigger and Piglet.  He says ‘Pooh’ and ‘Ger’ for Tigger and understands Piglet but doesn’t have a name for him yet.

He also has a passive understanding of the character Iggle Piggle from In The Night Garden.  My parents brought a video of this out to Brazil the first tie they visited and it has become something of a habit for him to watch it before going to bed.  When he is tired he moves his finger around the palm of his hand the way they do at the beginnig at the programme to tell us he wants to watch it and then go to bed.

Finally, there is Thomas the Tank Engine (or Thomas and His Friends as I think it has been re-branded today).  He has never watched an episode of Thomas, but when we were in the UK my parents found an old Thomas engine that he could sit on and ride at a car boot sale.  It cost 50p but was the best 50p ever spent.  He also has the books and loves seeing the pictures of Thomas.  He still hasn’t said Thomas, but he has name recognition.


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