Our son now has a new word: ‘agua’ meaning ‘water’.  At the moment his definition of agua seems to be ‘anything I can drink or pour on the floor’ and so also applies to juice.  He doesn’t quite say it properly as he msses out the /g/ sound, but it is still obvious what is wants to say.  He also recognises the word ‘suco’ (‘juice’) because when we offer him some he will either nod or shake his head depending on his want.

However, he still doesn’t seem to recognise the English word ‘juice’.  I offered him some juice the other day and he gave me such a withering look as if to say ‘what the hell are you talking about, daddy?’

When he started to say the word agua it reminded of a great TED video called ‘The Birth of a Word’ by Deb Roy.  I recommend this to anyone interested in children’s language development, especially the first part of the talk.


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