The Most Important Word

The other day, T learned his most important word.  Unfortunately for him it is probably going to lead to a lifetime of disappointments and sacrifices, with only the occasional glimmer of hope that will undoubtedly be cruelly extinguished almost before it has had time to sparkle into life.

The word is ‘Blues’ and is the nickname of my football time: Birmingham City FC.  I know I shouldn’t encourage him to support them as it is probably a form of torture or child abuse, but I would be over the moon if he did.  If he doesn’t I won’t be too upset, so long as he doesn’t support that lot from the other side of the city.

He started the saying the word when repeating what I had said to him.  This morning he pointed to a blue car and said ‘blue’. I am not sure if he was referring to the car or the colour as he hasn’t said it for anything else yet.  I am mighty proud, though.


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