Don’t Stop Me Now

baby talk

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Thomas still only has a few active words in his vocabulary.  His passive knowledge is increasingly rapidly and he will often respond to what you say or ask him appropriately.  However, I reckon he still only has about 20 words that he uses himself, and most of those are names of people or cartoon characters.

To be honest, there is a part of me that is hoping it stays that way for a while longer yet, and purely for selfish reasons.

Despite only having a few words he doesn’t seem to stop using them.  When we are walking down the street he names all of the cars according to who they remind him of.  If he sees a grey one it is ‘mamãe’ because mommy drives a grey one.  If it is a white one it is my brother, if it is a 4×4 it is ‘vo vó’ for ‘granny’.

When you open the fridge he names all of the drinks according to who usually drinks them.  Beer is ‘daddy’ (I was quite impressed with this one) as is full fat Coke.  Diet Coke is ‘mamae’ and milk is ‘ma má’ (a phrase used to ask young babies if they want to drink some milk, as in ‘Do you want to ma má’).

He knows who all the shoes belong to, and if he sees some on the floors, picks them up and repeats the name of the owner, over anf over again until you put them away.

And so on.  Even when he doesn’t have anything to say, he will either babble the words he knows to himself or just come out with random sounds.  He seems to also alter his intonation patterns depending on if he is concentrating on something or is a bit worried about something or is happily drinking his milk.  The sound is the same, a sort of /mmmm/ but he changes the direction of the intonation and length of the sound depending on what he is doing.

I am pretty sure at the moment that when he actually starts talking for real he isn’t going to stop.  He is going to be a right chatterbox and, between him and his mother, I am not going to get  a moment’s peace.

Does anybody have any experiences with a child who babbled a lot and went on to be a chatterbox or does it mean absolutely nothing?  Can an infant who babbles go on to become a quite child?


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