Silly old bear

Wiinie the Pooh


A while ago I posted about how Thomas confuses the word ‘no’ with a number of other words.  He seems to be confident now in that he knows what ‘no’ means, but he hasn’t said the Portuguese equivalent of ‘não‘ yet.  He still calls white vans (or anything that remotely resembles white vans, like ambulances) ‘Noel’ after my brother who has his own white van back in the UK.  And at times it still sounds as if he is saying ‘I know’ when I am convinced that he is just producing sounds for the sake of it.

We now have another sound that is causing some confusion: ‘poo’.  The first time he learnt this word it was for Winne the Pooh, and usually when he says it it is because he is looking for ‘Pooh’ to play with.  Recently, though, he has become aware of his own bodily functions and will sometimes point to his nappy and say ‘poo’.  He looks very sheepish when he does this.  If I ask him if he has done a poo he shakes his head and tries to turn away from me.   Related to this is the Portuguese word ‘pum’ which is a kid’s word for ‘fart’.  He thnks it is hilarious when he does a ‘pum’  but is very confused when my wife tells him the word.

And finally there is the word ‘pooh’ used when people smell something really bad.  Obviously, one of the times I use this is when I have to change his nappy, which makes sense to him.  It doesn’t make sense when I pretend to smell his feet after he has taken his shoes off and I shout ‘poooooh’ and wave my hand in front of my nose.

It must be all very confusing.


2 thoughts on “Silly old bear

  1. Poor Thomas! It is a wonder anyone learns how to speak but to have the added confusion of 2 languages. No wonder I am having problems trying to learn a second language but Thomas is only 18 months – God help the little man!

    • It seems confusing to us, but it is perfectly natural to him (I think). Learning a language as an adult is far more difficult so it is better to do it now when he is learning stuff anyway.


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