2 words are better than 1


Image: Keattikorn / Freedigitalphotos.net

We reached a milestone yesterday; Thomas put two words together for the first time so that he wasn’t just using individual words, one at a time.  What is more, he did it on three separate occasions, twice with me and once with his vovó.

I was tickling him in the morning and he started off enjoying it, but as he often does he decided that enough was enough and it should all just about end right now.  In the past he has shaken his head, tried to push me away and said ‘Daddy’ in his oh-so-disapproving way.  This time he did all of the above, but instead of just saying ‘Daddy’ he said ‘No daddy’.

In the evening I tried to give him his bottle but he wasn’t hungry and so shook his head and said ‘No daddy, ‘ again.  When he did this his mamãe and vovó were in the room.  We were all impressed and when I told them he had done the same thing earlier vovó told he had done the same with her.   So I think this means we can say it isn’t just a coincidence or a happy accident.

The only downside is that it is ‘No daddy’ that is his go to phrase, not something like ‘Yes, daddy,’ which would be so much better.


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