Goal vs Gol


Image: NYTimes.com

The picture on the Facebook account for this site shows Bobby Moore and Pele after the World Cup game in Mexico in 1970.  I love the picture for so many reasons; it’s football, it’s one of the greatest games ever, it shows how sporting rivalry can also lead to camaraderie, it shows that race really doesn’t matter…  One thing that I hate about it, though, is that fact that it came after Brazil had beaten England.

The other day there was another football match between England and Brazil (You can read a match report from the link under the picture).  Instead of the debilitating 40 degrees of a Mexico summer, though, this one was played in the 3 degrees of a Wembley on a February night.  And this time, England won.  Of course, it also means nothing as it was only a friendly, and if we were to meet again in a proper tournament match I know I would have the old feelings of despair and disappointment by the end of the game.

However, despite the win, all is not well on the Greene side of this family.  Thomas has started saying ‘goal’ when he is playing with his football.  It is usually in response to somebody else shouting it first, but he seems to know what it means.  There were three goals in the game on Wednesday and Thomas only shouted ‘goal’ once.  And it wasn’t when Rooney scored from the rebound or Lampard made Brazil pay for slack defending, so it was probably ‘gol’ that he was shouting.

I don’t tend to shout ‘goal’ when one of my teams scores, I just shout and jump around a bit. (Also, being a Birmingham City and England fan it doesn’t happen all that often).  I am trying to tell myself that he was only responding to the exuberance of the Brazilian commentators when they shouted ‘goal’ for about a minute on the TV, as is their wont.  However, just to be on the safe side I think I am going to have to have a word with Thomas about where his loyalties lie and to et him to shout ‘goal’ instead of ‘gol’.  I know he is only 18 months old, but still.


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