Shake and Fold!


Image: Salvatore Vuono /

Thomas has always been well into cleaning his hands, the table, the floor, anything.  Now that he insists on trying to feed himself he will often drop food all over his clothes and then refuse to eat any more until he has picked up all of the little bits that he can see. His next act is to drop even more food all over himself as he tries to get the next spoon into his mouth once more.  Breakfast can take hours.

One of the first words he understood (although he still can’t say it) was ‘shake’.  Before eating we get an alcohol gel and squirt it onto his hands.  He has always loved the feel of the gel and loves wiping it all over his hands.  The problem was that once he had finished they would still be wet so I used to mime shaking his hands in the air in order to dry them and say ‘shake’ at the same time.  He loved doing it and we ended up just shouting shake at random moments and watching him shake his hands in the air like he just didn’t care.

Anyway, it seems that he was half way to saving the planet.


2 thoughts on “Shake and Fold!

  1. If he is that clean and tidy then he must take after his mother ’cause he certainly didn’t get it from his father!!!!!


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