The Death of a Word

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Abuda, aged about 5 months, died peacefully in its sleep sometime before 11th February.   Abuda, born in Birmingham in early November 2012 to the single parent ‘brum’, had been one of the first words to be used by Thomas and meant any type of car or vehicle.  Abuda accomplished much in its short life but will probably be best remembered for being shouted incessantly at every car, van, motorbike or indeed any vehicle whether it was moving or parked.  It was an old and trusted friend that will be sorely missed by all those around Thomas.  Abuda is survived by ‘car’, ‘mo’ (also known as ‘motorbike’ or ‘bicycle’) and ‘tractor’.

There is a lot written about the birth of a word.  I have mentioned it a few times myself here and here  and there is a brilliant TED Talks video by Deb Roy on the subject.  It is rarer though to notice the passing of a word.  It has been very ineresting to see how this made up word of Thomas has gone from being used all the time a few weeks ago to disappering now.  Language evoloution in action on a micro-scale.


2 thoughts on “The Death of a Word

  1. My deepest sympathy to all the family of Abuda he will be sorely missed. but in a lighter note how clever is my young grandson!!


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