We’re Not Sleepy

We're not sleepy2

Image: Amazon.co.uk

On the OUP site for this book it says that it is appropriate for kids from the ages of 2-5.  Thomas is still only 18 months old, and this probably explains why he likes the book, but doesn’t love it yet.

It is written by Joanne Partis as a counting book.  The three kittens can’t sleep and so their mother sends them out to count sheep.  In order to do this, though, they have to search the whole farm where they live.  First of all they find one shaggy sheepdog, then two munching cows until finally they fall asleep surrounded by 10 sheep.  Although they don’t find the sheep, on each page there is a sheep that his hiding somewhere.

The book is beautifully drawn and it is this that attracts Thomas.  The content is still a bit old for him as he isn’t counting yet, and he seems to be unaware that he has to find the sheep on each page.  He is, though, more than happy to sit with me while I read it to him and make all of the noises for the animals.  I think that, in a few months, it will be one of his favourites.


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