Thomas Learns His Alphabet


Thomas, my son, is only 19 months old and so is obviously too young to be learning his alphabet.  This hasn’t stopped him from getting a new favourite book; Thomas’ ABC.  Thomas, the tank engine, is the first book to be chosen whenever I ask Thomas, the son, which book he wants to read.  Usually I put all the books I think he is interested on the sofa so he can see them all and decide, but yesterday I put them all in a pile with the ABC book at the bottom.  He went through all of them until he came to his namesake.

The book itself is, I think, fairly standard for an alphabet book.  There are big, colourful pictures to go with each letter of the alphabet.  ‘A is for Annie’ is written underneath the first letter, and then ‘B is for Bertie’.  There are some tenuous links to Thomas the Tank Engine, the last page has ‘W is for Window, X is for Xmas, Y is for yacht and Z is for zebra’.  I don’t remember Ringo Starr ever talking about them in the series.

I reckon Thomas likes the book because the pictures look a little bit like cars, and he is still obsessed with cars of any shape or size.  I think that any book is a good thing for any kid, so while I am not unhappy to read this to him, I would prefer something with at least a bit of a story line.  ‘G is for Gruffalo’ anyone?


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