Sick Boy

Sick Boy

Thomas has been feeling a little bit poorly recently.  We don’t know exactly what the problem was, whether it is the change in weather, something he has picked up from school, a new tooth or something totally different.  He was running a fever, wasn’t sleeping properly and was off his food.  When we had his fever under control he was his normal self,
running around and generally being a handful (in a good way).  When his temperature was high he was easily irritable and cantankerous.*

One of the upshots of this is that we have been letting him eat whatever he wants and watch more TV than normal.  I
think that whenever you say are letting a kid eat whatever they want most people would assume that this means

Brocolli, Unknown Cultivar

Photo credit: Wikipedia

chocolate, crisps and other unhealthy stuff.  Not so with Thomas.  Instead at lunch today about the only thing he would eat was broccoli.  I have a very strange child.

In terms of TV, he has been watching a lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  He has always liked to dance along to the Hot Dog Song by swinging his arms from to side like Mickey, but he has never managed to kick his legs as well.  Normally when he watches the rest of the programme he is very passive. not even blinking his eye lids.


Credit: Wikipedia

Recently, though, I have seen a few changes.  Before he got sick he had started to laugh at some of the scenes when, for instance, Goofy fell over or something.  In the last couple of days he has been interacting a lot more.  One of the aspects f the programme is that Mickey and the other characters are always asking the viewers for their point of view or ideas.  Thomas has now started to point at the screen when he is asked which item he thinks would be useful.  I am not sure he knows exactly which item he is pointing at, but it at least shows he knows something is expected of him.

I am not too bothered about him watching the odd episode of Mickey every now and again.  When I watch it with him I make sure it is in English to try to increase his exposure to the language.  The programme itself is all about team work and completing tasks together.  The language is more about showing empathy for each other rather than being competitive and there isn’t any hint at all of and aggression.

The good news is, though, that in the afternoon and the evening Thomas has looked to be back to his old self and so
hopefully we can all stop feeling sorry for him and indulge him in slightly less TV, although he can keep eating the broccoli for as long as he likes.

*Cantankerous is my new favourite word.  I like the sound of it and it seems to suggest the actual meaning of the word.


2 thoughts on “Sick Boy

  1. Poor Thomas. It is almost worth being poorly if you get to watch Mickey but the broccoli – a little of it goes a long way in more ways than one


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