The Loudest Roar


I like this book.  It is a simple story of a little mischievous lion called Clovis who likes to cause havoc with his roar.  Clovis has the loudest roar in the jungle and he is very proud of it.  He likes to wait until the other animals in are quietly going about their busy when…all of a sudden ‘there’s Clovis’ scaring them all half to death with his roar.  The result is all manner of animals from parrots to wlderbeests and elephants being too afraid to do anything.

Of course, the other animals are non too happy at the prospect of some deafening rorar when they least expect it from little Clovis.  So they all get together to teach Clovis a lesson; one that he is not happy to learn but accepts it anyway.  Well, more or less.

It is a simple and well told story by Thomas Taylor who also did the great, colourful illustrations.  Most kids will love the fact that they can imiate to the roar of the tiger and the noise of the animlas.  They will also have fun pointing to the differnt animals as they appear in the book.  It should be a huge hit with any kid from around 1-3.

Except it isn’t a hit at all with Thomas and I can’t figure out why.  Thomas loves making animal noises, and this book has loads.  He loves colourful pictures with lots of different things to point at for me to name, and this has got them by the dozen.  And yet, for some reason, he has never been a fan ; I might like this book, but Thomas doesn’t.


3 thoughts on “The Loudest Roar

  1. It’s odd when they decide they don’t want to interact with a book at all. We’ve had the same reaction this week to Elmer.

    • It’s very odd. And sometimes ot chages from week to week. All of a sudden Dear Zoo is back to being the best book in the world in our house after a few weeks when it was totally ignored.

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