What Do You Know About Brazilians?

Flag of Brazil Português: Bandeira do Brasil E...

Flag of Brazil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I wanted to tell you about Brazilians and what they are like I could spend ages talking about their likes and dislikes, their politics, history and culture, how they spend their free time and what they spend their money on. It would take ages and would probably leave you not much wider than you were before.

Alternatively, I could point you in the direction of this brilliant blog called What I Know About Brazilians. It is written by Manuel Schneider, a German who lived in Brazil for a while, including in Curitiba, the city I live in. It is funny, insightful and, to my eyes at least, mostly true.

I have shared it on Facebook with my Brazilian friends and used it with a number of students and the feedback has always been positive.  A few people have even remarked about how it takes the eyes of a foreigner to tell you something about your own country.  There are one or two things that I might take issue with, but i’ll leave it up to you to decide for yourself.


2 thoughts on “What Do You Know About Brazilians?

  1. I enjoyed the article and thought it was very funny so I was surprised when reading the comments to see how offended some Brasilians were. Most of it was very complimentary – they want to hear some of the things written about the Irish and English. I have never heard of ‘Saidera’ so have I been missing out on a freeby?


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