I did it!

Crayon Lineup

These colour names are a bit complicated for Thomas at the moment.

We reached a milestone the other day.  Thomas got hold of his crayons and started scribbling all over the window out onto the balcony.  I stopped him as soon as I realised what he was doing, but by that time he had already used up a lot of the blue crayon.  A bit later I was showing his vovo what he had done and I asked him ‘Who did that’ and he pointed at himself.

This is the first time he has explicitly shown that he is aware of himself and he has since done it when asked other questions in both Portuguese and English.  He still hasn’t said his name yet, but this shows that he is learning a lot even if it isn’t immediately obvious to us.

I suppose, though, that one of the next concepts he will learn is to say ‘I didn’t do it’ when it really was him.  Not that he would have learned that from his father.


12 thoughts on “I did it!

    • Hi Alexis,

      He is much in demand as an artist already. He has current exhibitions in Curitiba, Sao Paulo and Birmingham. He has had a blue phase, a yellow phase and a ‘hand’ phase. At the moment he is experimenting with Pollock style dribbles and scribbles.

  1. have to admit a large proportion of the time it was me … could be worse m8 wait till he follows you ( or me, I hope it was you) and uses the contents of a dirty nappy to paint the room


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