Where the Wild Things Are

I never really got it

I never really got it

I didn’t read this book when I was a kid.  In fact I had never even heard about it until the film came out.  There was quite a bit of hype around the film with a number of people saying they had loved it when they were younger so I got the film on DVD.  I am not sure if I was more disappointed or confused.  I couldn’t quite see the point of the film, nor why it might have been a children’s classic.

No matter.  When Thomas was born it was one of the books I decided to get for him because if so many people thought it had been so influential in their young lives then maybe the problem was with the film, not the book.  Well, I was pretty wrong about that.

The book tells the story of a young boy who is sent to his bedroom for answering back to his mother.  Once in his room his imagination takes over and he travels off to the place where the wild things live.  After while he gets bored with this place and then comes back to real life where his dinner is waiting for him.  The text is very short, giving just the minimum information and allowing the pictures and your own imagination to do the rest of the work.

I didn’t get the fascination with the book.  I thought it was ok, but that was about it.  I have tried reading it to Thomas, but he never picks it as the one he wants.  When I show it to him he shakes his head forlornly and says ‘noooo’.  This might be because I wasn’t enthusiastic about it in the first place and so I never transmitted any positive energy about it to Thomas.  Or maybe Thomas is too young to know about answering back to his parents and then letting his imagination go wild.  Or it might just be that he doesn’t get it as well.

A Different Point of View

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10 thoughts on “Where the Wild Things Are

  1. I agree with what you say about this book. My son brought it home from school once and I didn’t really like it, and so did he. Later, someone gave it to us as a present (…) and it’s still there, never read. My daughter don’t like it. It’s not appealing.

  2. Just watched the video and I don’t think I want to read the book – seems very boring to me

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  4. Hello,
    I remember being taken to watch a stage adaptation of this book when i was in primary school in England in the mid-80s. Can’t say I was impressed, in fact I found it quite scary. I remember liking the ice-cream during the interval though. At the moment we’re readling ‘Madeline’. I don’t think it’s all that great but Eleni seems to like it, especially the bit where Madeline shows her classmates the scar from the operation to remove her appendix. Eleni wants to know what an appendix is and why the little girls ‘break bread’. How does one explain these things to a 2.5 year old??

    • I can only imagine how scary the stage version must have been.

      I haven’t got to the point yet when I have to explain difficult concepts like you do. Everything that I’ve read though says just to present the facts in a clear way and nothing more. If kids have more questions they’ll ask but it is usually the parents who are confused or embarrassed.


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