A Thomasese Bilingual Dictionary

Dictionary (software)

A real dictionary (Credit: Wikipedia)

In a little over a week we will be in the UK meeting up with friends and family.  Unfortunately for them, Thomas now has quite a few words that they won’t understand so here is a handy list of some of the new vocabulary he has picked up since the last time I did this exercise.


Abri – This is an authentic Portuguese word for ‘open’.  When he wants you to open a toy or some food he will point at it and say ‘abri’.

Ba – This means ‘put it back’.  He is developing quite an OCD for putting things back before he goes off and plays something else.

Bla – Black


As broken as a… (Credit: Wikipedia)

Dodo (pronounced the same as the dead bird, which is kind of appropriate) – This can either mean ‘something has fallen down’ or ‘something is broken.’  Often these two things are the same as his favourite time to use this word is just after he pushed his toy truck off the table and watched it all fall apart.

Erro – A mispronunciation of ‘hello’.  At the moment he only says this to himself in front of the mirror.

Mais – this is an authentic Portuguese word and means ‘more’.  Whenever he wants more of anything; Peppa Pig, milk, horse rides…

Me – this can have a couple of meanings.  If he says it while pointing to where his back pockets would be on his trousers it means ‘money’, more specifically ‘I want to play with your coins.’  He developed this body language because I usually have some change in my back pocket to use for bus fare.  If you have a toy that he wants he will sometimes say ‘me’ meaning ‘give it to me’.

P London bus

London Mimi Car

Mimi Car – this means ‘bus’.  It came into being because we have a cook/cleaner who comes to the house everyday who Thomas insists on calling Mimi.  He also gives names to all the cars he sees, for example mamãe car is any car that looks like the one his mommy drives.  Mimi doesn’t have a car, she travels by bus, so this is the word he uses whenever he sees one.

Pa – This can either mean ‘Pingu,’ as in the cartoon character, or ‘park’.  It usually depends on whether he is sitting in front of the TV or ready to go out.

Pe – Peppa Pig

Pee wee – Thomas the Tank Engine, or any other train for that matter.

Peeeeee – A mispronunciation of ‘please’.  He will say this when he wants something from you if you remind him of it.

Por – He says this when he wants daddy to be a horse.  This usually means putting him on my shoulders and trotting around the flat.

Tie – This means ‘I want to get down’ or ‘I want you to let me out of this high chair.’  It is tempting to think that he got this word from ‘untie’ because he often uses it when he is tied into a chair or something, but I fear this is to give him (me) far too much credit.  On the other hand, I have absolutely no idea where this word might have come from.

Tru  – this is the shortened version of ‘truck’.  It isn’t used all the time as it is often confused Mimi car (see above).

Body Language

Pointing – He has started to refer to himself by pointing at his chest.  So far he has done this to say he did something, but I think he is also starting to do it when he wants to show you that something is his or is for him.  He has, in the last few days, also started to point at his nappy when it needs changing.


tantrum #500

He didn’t get what he wanted either (Credit: demandaj)

Tantrums The terrible twos have arrived early and if you don’t give him exactly what he wants and when he wants it he will burst into tears.  You can either give in to him, ignore him, laugh at him or try to distract him with something else.

Singing – I have started to see the possible beginnings of a singer.  At the moment he sings the title song to Pingu.

Shouting – All of the above words can be belted out at a terrific volume if he feels the need.


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  1. Ok we will start our homework this weekend and hopefully we will be word perfect by next week!


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