The Sunshine Award

I’d like to say a big thank you to Madre Exilio over at maternidadeen2linguas who has awarded this blog the Sunshine Award.  This is the first time I have been awarded anything for this blog and I must say it is kind of cool as well as reassuring to know that at least somebody likes what I have been writing.

Sunshine Award

I cannot recommend meternidadeen2linguas highly enough.  If you don’t know her site you should get over there now.  She blogs in both Spanish and English about her experiences being an expat and bringing up a multi-lingual family in Hungary.

The Sunshine Award  is given to those who write positive and inspiring articles and bringing some sunshine into the life of others. Thank you very much for the honor again.   Like any blogging award this one has its own rules and requirements:

  • Link back the blog who nominated you.
  • Post the award images in your blog.
  • Tell seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 5 to 10 blogs and let them know about it.

So, my 5 nominations for the Sunshine Award are:

Higor Cavalcante writes about English language teaching in Brazil.

Living in the Land of Chocolate  writes from Switzerland about being an Aussie there with a young family.

Nothing by the Book gives fantastic lessons in unexpert parenting.

Eugenia Loras is all about bringing up her family to be bilingual.

A Life Uprooted describes the life of an American living in France.

Seven Facts

I love Indian food.

I became an English language teacher by accident.

I am pretty good at remembering useless fact, but pretty bad at remembering anything of importance.

My driving licence expired last year and I haven’t got around to getting a new one yet.

My ambition is to watch England playing cricket in every test playing nation.

I can’t stand the beach.

I have written 3 books about teaching English as a foreign language.


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