Mr. T

Not my son (Comedy Central)

Not my son (Comedy Central)

Last week I made a change to this blog that probably nobody has noticed, but it is a big deal for me.  I moved the blog from being one that was free for me to one that I have to pay an annual subscription for.  All this basically means is that the address for the blog is now instead of the previous

I made this change for a number of reasons, but mainly because I have had such a good time writing it and getting in touch with other bloggers from around the world that I decided it looks a bit more professional and shows a bit more commitment by having just the name of the site in the address.

For you, my dear readers, it make absolutely no difference whatsoever.  If you type the old or the new address in you will still end up here.  There is no need to make any changes to any bookmarks that you may have made or start protesting on the streets about how life has just become far too unbearable.

The main cast of The A-Team. Clockwise from to...

I love it when a plan comes together (Wikipedia)

One other difference that I am going to start from now on, and which you will probably notice if you are paying any attention whatsoever to what I am writing, is that I am going to change how I address my son.  In previous posts I have used his real name, but I am a bit worried about people finding out about his name in the future and using for nefarious purposes. I don’t really have any clear idea about what those purposes might be, but it is better to be safe than sorry.  I already had a policy of not using any photos of him, so this is just an extension of that and is something I have been thinking about and planning for a while now..

Instead, when I have to refer to my son I think I am going to call him Mr. T.  Those of you who know him will understand, and those of you who don’t can have a good time imagining ever more far-fetched reasons.

I hope these changes do not affect your enjoyment of this blog and that you understand why I have taken these decisions.

If you want to leave any suggestions for why I have chosen this name in the comments section below there will be a prize for the best idea.

A teacup on a saucer.

Not even the price of a cuppa (Wikipedia)

Legal Note: The prize will have no monetary value whatsoever, you will not be able to touch it or trade it for anything else.  It might make you feel all soft and gooey inside for a fraction of a second.


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