A Birthday Trip

Yesterday was Mr. T’s second birthday.  To celebrate we are going to have a small birthday get-together with his Curitiba-living Brazilian family on Saturday, where undoubtedly he will get lots of cars as presents.

He got a few presents yesterday, including a tricycle to make up for the one that I broke for him ages ago.  After breakfast I took him out for a very special walk: we went to the coach station.  For most people this would not sound like a special walk, but for my son this is about as good as it gets.  I had also done my homework and found out that at 9.30am abot 15 coaches leave the coach station at the same time.  Mr. T’s arm got tired from waving at all the coaches as them went past.  Unfortunately, only two people on the coaches bothered to wave back at him, and none of them were pasengers but the coach drivers.  Miserable sods.

Tchai tchau mimi car

This was one of the drivers who waved

It got better, though.  Just as we were about to leave a tractor pulled out from the half of the coach station that they are doing up.  Mr. T did a little jig on the spot he was so happy.  And the driver gave him a wave as well.

We walked over to the train station and saw pictures of trains, two motorbikes advertising bike insurance and a model plane on the ceiling.  The best bit was the model train line in the glass case.  Unfortunately, this train station is almost never in use anymore except for the odd tourist train that goes up into the mountains so we didn’t see any actual real life trains.

Bi-Articulated Bus, Curitiba

Big orange Curitibano bus (Thomas Locke Hobbs)

And then the highlight of the day, perhaps even the highlight of his life.  We walked out of the train station, back past the coach station and got on a big orange bus.  We got a seat next to the window and rode the bus all the way to the terminal.  Not a peep out of him as he stared out of the window (except for when he saw a tractor and shouted about it so that the whole bus knew about it).  As soon as we got off the bus he started saying ‘Mimi car‘ over and over again and pointing at himself.  He was desperate to go on a bus again.

So we crossed the road and got on a bus going in the other direction.  This one wasn’t as much fun because it was very busy.  a nice kind lady gave us her seat but we couldn’t get to the window.  About 1 minute before out bus stop Mr. T had got bored and started to say ‘tie Mimi car’ (roughly translated from his own private language into English as ‘get off the bus’).  Perfect timing.


6 thoughts on “A Birthday Trip

    • He absolutely adored it!

      I don’t know what happened, but this comment and the one you wrote on his birthday were sent to my spam inbox, which is why I have taken so long to reply. Sorry!

  1. My kid used to do the same thing when he was two, always excitedly waving at buses, until one day I took him on a bus ride. A few seconds after we got on the bus, he was bored. But then he saw another bus from the bus’ window, and he jumped off his seat to wave at the other bus…

    • That’s funny.

      I was half expecting him to do the same. I think the reason he was so quiet was that he could see everything out of the window, which in the car he can’t because he is lower down.


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