Great Sesame Street Music Videos

When I was growing up in the UK Sesame Street was never really on my radar.  I knew of its existence as a kind of young kid’s version of The Muppets.  To this day I love The Muppets; their series, films and skits on youtube.  Animal was my favourite, closely followed by Kermit.

When Mr. T was still a baby we were inundated with videos about Galinha Pintadinha, which is a series of animated videos set to traditional, but updated, Brazilian songs.  Every kid here loves these songs, and pretty much every parent I have ever met hates them.  I was no exception and so I took to the internet to find some alternative songs to play to my son.  The best ones I found were always Sesame Street.

I love the way they are educational, focus on inclusivity and stress a can-do attitude to kids.  They also offer something to the parents with jokes and sketches based on contemporary TV series and news items.

So, in no particular order, here is a list of my favourite Sesame Street Clips.

Stevie Wonder

Sesame Street has always appealed to the parents as much as to the children.  These two clips of Stevie Wonder are just absolutely fantastic.  I wish I had been a kid at these recordings, I would still be flipping out about them today, like I think the kid in the red top probably is.

You can’t get more 70’s than this.

Elmo’s Song

This was the first non-Galinha Pintadinha song that my son showed an interest in and so, for that reason alone, I will be eternally grateful.  When we watch this video today Mr. T can be seen banging the desk top as if he is playing the piano.

‘C’ is for Cookies

When I first showed this to my son he was a bit scared of the Cookie Monster.  Nowadays he wants me to sing the song every time we see the letter ‘c’ in his rubber matting floor covering thing.

Johnny Trash

This one’s for my dad.

Paul Simon

And this one’s for my mum.  Also, I love the way it is so obviously live and the kids are really getting into it.

1, 2, 3, 4

Sesame Street is famous for counting songs and they must have millions of different songs on this theme.  I had never heard of Feist before seeing this video, and I still haven’t heard any other songs by her, but this a great song to put your child on your knee and bounce him around in time to the music.

Furry Happy Monsters

This song reminds me of so much that I can’t write about here.  I was about 17 when REM came out with Shiny Happy People and, while I was never a big fan, it was played at lots of parties and clubs.  I love this video because of the memories and it just looks like so much fun.

The Genius

Bert is prepared to wail and he has the shortest bass solo ever.  What more do you need from a Ray Charles song?

Everybody’s Song

This is another one that Mr. T likes to play the piano to whenever he hears it.

Added bonus

Surely everyone with an internet connection has seen this video by now.  It’s the Muppets rather than Sesame Street, but I love it and Mr. T has grown to love it, especially the parts with Animal.

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I was inspired to write this blog by reading Baby’s First Television Theme Song:



11 thoughts on “Great Sesame Street Music Videos

  1. Great post, there are some lovely clips here. We came across Feist and her 1,2,3,4 song a couple of years ago when a friend was singing it to her daughter. We learned all the words and it was great. Then one day we were out somewhere and we heard the song start, in a shop or something. And the lyrics were different! So this one was an adaptation for Sesame Street or just for a different market.

    • Thanks Jez,

      I think most of the artists change the words to make them suitable for kids. The kids love it, the parents love it and the singers/bands seem to have a great time. Everyone’s a winner.

  2. We didn’t have a local PBS station when I was a kid, so I never watched Sesame Street. It shows how widespread its influence was that I still had Sesame Street records and remember some of the songs to this day, even though I never saw the show until I was much older.

    • Thanks for your kind comments Caroline.

      We have seen the Will.i.Am video, but Mr. T didn’t really go for it. I a mnot sur eif the rhthym is a bit too complex for him at the moment. I like some of the videos you have on your site, especilly The Jungle Book one which has to be one of my all time favourites.

  3. Hi Stephen,
    I am so thrilled to have found you through Zemanta. Our Sesame Street posts have brought us together. I really enjoyed reading about your family too. What an awesome collection of videos you have here. It doesn’t get much better than this, does it? Thank you for a great time strolling down memory lane, and enjoying your blog. Best wishes to your family.

    • Hi Fun Reading Teacher,

      Thanks a lot for taking the time to leave your great comments. I am so glad you liked the collection of videos and you are right, it doesn’t get much better.

      I hope to see you around here agin soon.


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