Samson and Mr. T

English: Delilah cutting the hair of Samson

Wake up Samson! (Wikipedia)

You probably know the story of Samson and Delilah.  Samson was betrayed by his wife (is there ever any other role for women to play in the Bible?) when she told his enemies that the secret to his strength lay in his long hair.  When they cut his hair they took away his super powers.

In the end, he had the last laugh as they forgot to cut his hair and he ended up bringing down the whole palace, killing himself, Delilah and his enemies.

What could this possibly have to do with raising a toddler?

Nothing really.  Unless, of course you believe in fairy tales and you think the following isn’t pure coincidence (or exaggerated to make it fit a narrative).

Goo (album)

One of my favourite albums (Wikipedia)

When I was a teenager I was into my grunge music.  I had long, messy, untidy hair.  Even when I cut it, I have hankered after the days when it was down below my shoulders; it is impossible to dance properly to Sonic Youth or Dinosaur Jr without your hair flailing around.  Maybe because of this, I encouraged my wife to let Mr. T’s hair grow longer than she wanted.  It was never at the heavy metaller length, but it was comfortably untidy.

Eventually even I had to admit it was getting to be a bit of a hindrance; it took ages to dry it before going to bed and it was starting to get in his eyes.

So he had it cut.

What happened next?

He got a cold.  It might not have been because he got his hair cut; it might have been because of the very changeable weather we have been having here.  it might have been because Mr. T has taken to sleeping on top of the quilt.  It might have been the fact that his head is a little more exposed.

Or it could be because he lost some of his superpowers.

He has also started to fall over more often.  One of the times he fell over he ended up with a huge, angry, purple bruise on his forehead.  It might just be that he is at an awkward age in that he has a lot of mobility but not all the control he needs.  He also has this habit of walking on one direction and looking in another one.

Or it could just be that his long hair gave him the power to balance even in the most difficult situations.

tantrum #500

Tantrum stage 1 (demandaj)

In the last couple of weeks he has also started to throw hissy tantrums.  If he doesn’t get exactly what he wants and he wants it he is liable to throw himself on the floor in screams of righteous indignation.

I am sure this never happened until he got his hair cut.

The logical, rational side of my brain tells me this is just a phase that Mr. T is going through.  His cold will soon disappear when the weather gets warmer and he starts sleeping under the covers again.  He’ll soon learn more control to go with his extra mobility and, so long as we parent him properly, these tantrums will eventually work themselves out.

The other part of my brain tells me that he wasn’t betrayed by his wife, but by his mother.

Dirty Boots

Man, this looks old now.  Freak Scene


4 thoughts on “Samson and Mr. T

  1. Another generation but still nothing has changed – no matter what we do or how hard we try it is always the mother’s fault!!! WHY?


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