22 Things You’ll Never Hear Somebody From Curitiba Say

Araucaria, a symbol of Curitiba

Araucaria pine tree, a symbol of Curitiba by Willian Menq CC BY-NC 2.0

1. What this city needs is another shopping mall.

2. This holiday weekend, what I’d really love to do is sit in a traffic jam for hours on end and then stay near the beach while it rains the whole weekend.

3. I’m so proud of how my city is preparing for the World Cup.

4. It’s ok, we won’t need a lift home after the party, we’ll just flag a taxi down on the street.

5. Didn’t we get the best games for the World Cup?  I mean Iran v Nigeria and Honduras v Ecuador!  I’m so excited.

6. Is it just me or is the traffic getting less and less every day?

7. Let’s go to Rua 24hs for a few beers and something to eat.

8.  With my central heating, double glazing and tight-fitting doors and windows I hardly ever notice how cold it can get.

9. I’m sure the new metro system will be ready next year.

10. We have the most successful football teams in the world.

11.  Curitiba International Airport is just so international.

The Oil Man, Curitiba

The Oil Man, another symbol of Curitiba

12. I just can’t find an Italian restaurant in this city.

13. One thing you can be sure of, everything on sale at the market in Largo do Ordem on Sunday mornings is pure top quality.

14. I always stand to one side on the escalator in case other people want to get past.

15. It’s my birthday, so come on down to that German bar in Largo do Ordem for a big night out.

16. Carnival in Rio and Sao Paulo has got nothing on Curitiba.

17. The parks in this city are totally overrated.

18. When I grow up I want to be just like the oil man.

19. It’s impossible to get a decent drink around here so I’ll just have Nova Schincariol

20. Only R$15 for the toll road down to the beach?

21. Bridges?  No thanks.  Sitting in my car for 20 minutes watching a train cross the road really chills me out.

22. I hate pine trees.


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9 thoughts on “22 Things You’ll Never Hear Somebody From Curitiba Say

  1. I’ve never been to Curitiba, but I enjoyed this list, particularly number 14. ‘I always stand to one side on the escalator in case other people want to get past.’ This one definitely extends to something you would never hear someone say in Sao Paulo!

    • Thanks for your comment.

      I have a two year old son who loves walking up and down escalators and he gets even angrier than me when somebody just stands in the middle without a care in the world.

      • Ha ha! I would love to know more about Oil Man, he definitely looks like a bit of a character!

    • A weary resignation that it was always going to be thus. A recent poll claimed 59% of Curitibanos don’t want the World Cup in this city. I reckon that when it actually starts they’ll get behind it, but at the moment they aren’t exactly rejoicing in the streets.

  2. Great list
    I’m brazilian and live in Curitiba for over 30 years. I lost the count of how many times I thought about number 9 , 11, 13, 14, 20, and recently, number 5.


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